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Life’s too hard – what’s the point?

“…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”.
John 10:10

Life getting you down? Depressed? All work and no play? Expectations to meet? Bills to pay? Can’t seem to get ahead? It’s a familiar story. Sometimes life just seems too hard, and we all ask “what’s the point?” These problems can be overwhelming, but what do you do when confronted by hardship. Do you dig deeper seeking inner strength? Or let despair run wild? Or throw caution to the wind and let fate take its course? Do you become bitter and blame others? Maybe you blame God.

A better way

Some use hardship to reassess their course in life. When things are going well God is on the backburner – there’s no need to consider God when we’re in control. It’s when things get difficult that we start to wonder if there’s anybody out there who hears our prayers. The moment we realise we’re not in control of our lives is the moment many people turn to God.

Church attendance skyrocketed in the few weeks immediately after September 11. People were asking “what’s the point” – and they were turning to God for answers…

Perhaps God allows trials so that we see our need of Him. Bob Dylan sang about knocking on Heaven’s door – but in reality it’s God who comes knocking. Perspective is a powerful persuader – when all we’ve lived or worked for is about to be destroyed, when everything we value is shown to be meaningless, what’s left?

Finding no meaning in materialism can spur us on to finding real meaning in God.

When you’re asking “what’s the point?” – God is speaking to you. He’s knocking on your door. God loves you. He wants you to know him – to find meaning in him. He loves you too much to let you live your life without considering Him. God’s purpose is that we love Him, with heart soul and mind. Only as we love God can we find meaning in life.

No Christ, no life, know Christ, know life

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. Without Christ in a person’s life, there is no life.

How can we know Him? We need to see that we have lived life without God. In thinking that we control our circumstances – that we are “God” of our lives we’re ignoring him. Worse, we’re rejecting him. We’ve rejected God, and not loved him with all our heart, soul and mind. The Bible calls this sin.

We’ve said that God loves us – we’ve all read the bumper sticker “God is Love.” Despite our spite – even though we’ve thoroughly rejected him – God loves us. He showed his love by sending Jesus Christ to take our punishment for rejecting him. If you turn to God for forgiveness – and put your life in his control then Christ’s death is for you. He takes the punishment in your place.

That’s the point of life – to discover God’s love – and the forgiveness that comes through Christ.

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